Your views on your services

Every three months, we ask hundreds of Eastlight residents how they feel about their homes and services. On these pages, we publish the results of these Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) - and our plans to respond to them.

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Overall service

Resident satisfaction with Eastlight has fallen in recent years, as it has with housing associations in general. We want to change this, and our new Corporate Strategy sets out some of our plans to meet your expectations, from heightening our focus on the services that matter to you to investing more in your local neighbourhoods.

Sector average: 72%


say I'm satisfied with Eastlight

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My home

We receive lots of praise for our staff when they visit your home. You tell us they are polite, friendly, efficient, and carry out their work to a high standard – which is brilliant to hear. However, we recognise that we need to continue to speed up the time it takes to complete your repairs, and improve communication when the issue is more complex.

Sector average: 75%


say I’m satisfied with my repairs

Sector average: 70%


say I'm satisfied with the time taken to complete my repairs

Sector average: 72%


say my home is well maintained

Sector average: 79%


say I'm satisfied my home is safe

Our improvements include new local patches for our Repairs Teams.

My community

Your feedback tells us that we could do more to create neighbourhoods that you’re proud to call home, and our plans include a major investment in your communal areas. We are also recruiting more housing officers, including those who support residents affected by anti-social behaviour.

Sector average: 66%


say communal areas are clean and well-maintained

Secotr average: 64%


say Eastlight makes a positive contribution to my neighbourhood

Sector average: 58%


say I’m satisfied with Eastlight’s handling of anti-social behaviour

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Your complaints

We received a large number of complaints last year. We have created a Customer Experience Team who will work with you to fully understand the issue and find the best solution. We also review your complaints to identify improvements to the services you receive.

Sector average: 34%


say I’m satisfied with Eastlight’s approach to handling complaints

We review your complaints to identify improvements to the services you receive. These include:

  • Reimbursing you for the additional cost when we issue temporary heaters if your boiler or other heating system isn’t working properly. We previously made this payment after the issue had been resolved.
  • Reviewing your feedback about our damp and mould service, after it was a factor in 15% of complaints.
  • Too often, residents with disabilities tell us that they face barriers when trying to access services. We’ve launched an action plan to address this.

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Your Shine magazine is just one way you can keep up-to-date and get involved with Eastlight. Our new Active Resident Network is regularly invited to make a difference by helping to shape Eastlight’s services and communities. You can also join the 2,500 people who follow Eastlight’s Facebook page, which is regularly updated.

Sector average: 61%


say Eastlight listens to my views and acts on them

Sector average: 71%


say Eastlight keeps me informed about things that matter to me

Sector average: 78%


say Eastlight treats me fairly and with respect

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