New Homes

The need for an affordable, secure, quality home has never been higher. For many people, renting or buying on the open market is out of reach. Eastlight exists to help solve the housing crisis by building new homes and shaping sustainable communities where people want to live.

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  • A map showing where Eastlight's 12,500 homes are in the East of England

    Where are our homes?

    We provide 12,500 homes in nine local authority areas and plan to build a further 3,800 new properties by 2026. These will be a mix affordable rent and low-cost home ownership.

    In doing so, we will expand beyond our core area of Essex and Suffolk, building homes across the East of England.

    Good, well-designed homes and places are key to our development plans. We are committed to tackling climate change by building sustainable homes that meet future design standards and keep energy costs low for our residents. 

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    Our partners

    To achieve our goals, we work with partners who share our vision. These include developers, contractors, local authorities, communities and Homes England.

    Together we build new affordable homes on already planned development sites, or on land we have bought or by regenerating homes that won't meet future housing standards.

    We embrace new opportunities. If you share our vision, have land for sale or are a developer interested in working with us, please get in touch.

We are proud to already being working with a range of valued partners, including:

Moving into your New Build Homes - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here's a list of FAQs with answers that should help you once you've moved in.

Your Eastlight Document Box

When you move in, there will be a white Eastlight document box in your kitchen. Please keep this safe as it contains important certification and handy user guides for equipment (such as thermostats).

YouTube is also a great tool for helping with the equipment in your home if you want some extra guidance.

Your repairs for the first year

Please call Eastlight on 0330 128 0330 (local rate) between 8.30am-5pm on Monday – Friday for all defects and repairs.

At the end of the first year, you will be visited by a member of our Aftercare Team and the Developer for an “end of defects inspection”. This will allow us to inspect and resolve any final defects and carry out repairs for you.

For any emergencies outside of our working hours, please call 0330 128 0330 and you will be diverted to our Out of Hours provider who will raise any emergency repairs for you. Any reports they receive of non-emergency repairs, will be picked up on the next working day.

Outstanding "snag" items

There may be small elements of cosmetic snagging or items to follow after you have moved in, which are listed on the 'Ready to Let' sheet.

We do check these at the “end of defect inspection” to make sure nothing is missed; however, the contractor will do their best to ensure these are carried out within 10-14 days after handover.

Non-urgent defects and repairs

Please keep a note of any non-urgent defects for the end of the defect period – for example, easing and adjusting sticking* windows and doors, whilst the property dries out.

*The window or door moves quickly at first but then gets stuck.

Your bins and council tax

Prior to your waste collections starting, you must set up your Council Tax account.

Your local authority will be able to advise if you are in a bag or bin collection area - details can be found on their website. If you are in a bin collection area and you have signed up for Council Tax, you will be able to request for bins to be sent to your home.

Please be aware that some local authorities charge for bins to be delivered when you move in.

If you have moved into a flat, you will often have a bin store with large communal bins unless otherwise advised.

Bins should only be put into the collection point/front path for collection day and brought back in a timely manner.


Please do not flush unsuitable items such as nappies, clothing, wet wipes or sanitary products down the toilet. This will cause blockages to the drainage inside and around your home, and you may be charged for clearance.

The Contractor will only carry out drainage clearance for defects within the drainage system and not for blockages as a result of misuse.

Walls and decoration

Please do not decorate for at least 12 months to allow your property to fully dry out.

Please ensure all trickle vents are open. 

Items can be hung onto walls (including TVs, pictures, curtains etc) as long as the person carrying out the work is competent to do so and uses the correct fixings, as well as checking for pipes and wiring beforehand.


Please check the manufacturer’s guidelines for any flooring before installation, especially in relation to condensation (for example, foil backed laminate or underlay may cause issues whilst the property is drying out).

You may not be able to use nailed-in grippers with underfloor heating, so please check before fitting anything with your flooring installer.

If your internal doors no longer close properly once you have carpets or hard flooring fitted, you will need to make arrangements for these to be adjusted by a carpenter. If you have Fire Doors in your home (notable by a sticker or plastic plug at the top of the door) you will need to advise your carpenter before they are trimmed.

Your utility bills

Don’t forget to contact your named utility companies at both your ingoing and outgoing properties.

You may find that there is a delay of up to three months in your new home before you can set up accounts in your name, so please call your energy provider for updates.

We advise that you budget accordingly and take meter readings when you first move in, and then take monthly readings until you get your first bill.

Your broadband

Broadband will be a 'fibre to the home hub'. Please see your 'Ready to Let' sheet that you previously signed with our Lettings Team, with details on providers.

Aerials and satellite dishes

We do not fit aerials and satellite dishes (except to flat blocks which will have a communal aerial). To fit a standard aerial or satellite dish, please apply for Landlords Consent by clicking here. Once you have gained consent from us, please advise your installer that they should be fitted on the side or rear of your property, not facing an estate road.

Note: if the site is on the OFNL network, you may not need a satellite dish at all – Please check with your TV and broadband provider.

Landscaping and fencing

Please do not walk on freshly laid grass for between four-six weeks and be sure to water at least once a day when it hasn’t rained. You may need to ‘roll’ the grass with a light roller to firm the surface after it has had its first cut and as the soil settles.

Please avoid allowing animals to urinate or defecate on the grass as this will “burn” it, and we do not consider this to be a defect.

New planting will need daily watering in warm weather and must be replaced like for like if they die due to not being watered.

It is recommended that you stain or paint fencing, gates and sheds within the first 3 - 12 months after moving in.

We suggest firstly taking a little bit of water and putting it on the fence to see if it beads. If it does, please do not paint or stain it. If the water absorbs, then it can be treated with paint or stain. Please re-treat the fence every 1-3 years.

If left untreated, the timber may warp, twist, split or rot. This may also happen if the timber is untreated and left in direct sunlight.

Painting and staining will help preserve the timber against weathering and prolong its lifespan.

External alterations and changing the look of the frontage (including landscaping)

There is a five-year restriction on your new home, meaning that the external “street scene” cannot be altered. This includes removing items and changing the design or type of soft landscaping and planting.

Any requests to add fencing, changes to landscaping, including adding stones or slate, must be applied for through Landlords Consent, even after the initial five years have expired.

Click here to apply for Landlords Consent.

Vehicle parking

Please do not park any heavy goods or commercial vehicles, caravans, boat trailers, or similar, on any part of the property, surrounding roads and areas.

If you have a suitable garage, please use this to park these types of vehicles.