Gas and oil

Our contractors, Axis or Gas Call, will contact you annually to arrange a gas or oil safety check at your convenience. Please look out for your appointment letter, which will arrive around 10 months after your last check. The letter will explain how you can book a timeslot or re-arrange your appointment, if you need to.

It’s important you keep to your agreed appointment date and time, and give our contractor access on the day, for your own safety.

What you need to know

Gas and oil safety checks save lives. You risk breaching your tenancy agreement and facing legal action if you don't:

  • keep your appointment.
  • allow our contractor into your home.

Identifying your contractor

Our contractors will always be happy to show their company ID and Gas Safe ID card. They are also all registered with the Gas Safe Register. If you’re not sure whether they are genuine, call the Gas Safe Register on 0800 408 5500 or  

Gas appliances that belong to you

If you have gas appliances that belong to you, not Eastlight, the contractor will inspect them too. However, you are responsible for having them serviced and maintained. The engineer will also test your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

If our contractor finds a problem

If our contractor finds any issues, they’re required by law to make the appliance safe. This may include disconnecting the appliance from your gas supply. If this happens, you’ll be given a report that explains what to do to have the appliance reconnected safely.

Gas leaks

If you smell gas or suspect a gas or carbon monoxide leak, please call the National Gas Emergency Helpline immediately on 0800 111 999.

You should also:

  • switch off all your gas appliances
  • open all windows and doors to ventilate your home
  • turn off the gas supply at the mains (there’s usually a large lever next to the gas meter)
  • evacuate your home immediately and wait for advice from the emergency services
  • get immediate medical help; you may have been affected by carbon monoxide
  • arrange a safety inspection and any necessary repairs with our Customer Service Team.

More information on staying gas safe can be found here.