We are here to help and support our leaseholders. You can find out more about being an Eastlight leaseholder below, but please contact us with any questions.

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What sort of work do I need Landlord's Consent for?

Examples of work requiring Landlord’s Consent include:

  • Replacing windows and doors
  • Changing or replacing heating
  • Changes to the layout of kitchens and bathrooms 
  • Installing satellite dishes
  • Installing or replacing electric showers
  • Putting up walls or removing internal walls
  • Electrical works
  • Replacement boilers.

How can I apply for Landlord's Consent?

To apply, please complete this form. If you are unsure whether the works you intend to carry out require consent, please contact us first.

To grant Landlord’s Consent, we need:

  • A specification of the work which is going to be undertaken
  • A copy of your contractor’s public liability insurance which should be for a minimum of £2million
  • Proof of relevant qualifications for the contractors.

Consent is usually granted within seven days, subject to specifications meeting requirements.

If you must complete work in an emergency, please contact us as soon as possible afterwards to ask for retrospective consent.

What is a Section 20 process?

This is a legal process all landlords need to follow when spending more than £250 per property for one-off works and more than £100 per property for works/services provided under a long-term agreement.

This process is made up of two notice consultation periods. The first notice (Notice of Intention) will describe the planned works/services that the landlord intends to carry out/provide. The 30-day consultation period invites you to comment on the specification and nominate a contractor. The second notice is then issued (Notice of Proposal) which will advise a minimum of two quotes and propose one of them. Again, a 30-day consultation period is provided with this notice.

I have a charge for major works/external decoration - what is this?

You would have received a Section 20 notice advising of the works and the costs applied to your individual property. The costs are likely to not be included in the annual service charge demand. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 



What does my service charge cover?

  • Communal lighting
  • Communal doors and repairs to the entry system
  • Maintenance to an amenity area
  • Communal TV aerial
  • Management fee
  • Buildings insurance premium – you will need to arrange your own contents insurance
  • Repairs to the communal areas and fabric of the building
  • Communal cleaning
  • Ground rent.

Why do I pay a service charge?

We charge for the cost of maintaining your building/block in line with the terms of your lease. This can include services such as buildings insurance, gardening, cleaning, general maintenance of the building/structure, repairs to boundary fences/walls and window cleaning. This list is not exhaustive, and the charges will depend on the services we are required to deliver.

How can I pay my service charge?

Can I have a breakdown of my service charge?

You will receive an estimated service charge statement in February/March each year, which provides a breakdown of your charges for the forthcoming financial year.

You will also receive a further statement once the service charge actuals have been issued, which is by 30 September.

Please email to request a copy.

Can I have a reduction on my service charge if services have not been received?

To deliver the necessary services to your building, we need to cover the costs of those services. We aim to deliver value for money wherever possible; ensuring services are of a high quality.

If any of the services at your building are not being delivered or are of poor quality, please contact our Leasehold & Home Ownership Team by emailing or calling 0330 128 0330.

When is my service charge due?

Eastlight’s financial year runs 1 April – 31 March. Service charges should be paid by 31st March.

I am having difficulties paying my service charge - what can I do?

Please contact our team as soon as you can if you’re experiencing any difficulties paying your charges. We will work with you to arrange an alternative payment plan. You can also click here to read our cost-of-living support page for help and advice.

What happens if I choose not to pay my service charge?

It is important you pay your service charge, so that we can maintain and provide your communal services.

If you get into arrears, we will have to obtain a County Court Judgement, which could lead to us taking possession of your home. 


Do I still need to pay a service charge if I sublet my home?

Yes, you are the leaseholder and legally and financially responsible for your property. If you agree with your tenant for them to pay your service charge instead, you are responsible if they stop paying, and legal action will be taken against you not them.

If I sublet, what information do I need to give to Eastlight?

  • Contact details in case of emergency
  • Forwarding address for correspondence to be sent to the Eastlight Leasehold Services Team
  • A copy of your Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement.

Some leases require an agreement called a Deed of Covenant to be entered into by the sub-tenant which costs a total of £108.

We can only deal with you as the leaseholder, not the sub-tenant or letting agent, unless you give written authority to deal with a third party.

If I sublet, what do I remain responsible for?

  • Paying service charges
  • The tenant and their actions, including any complaints about them
  • Installing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Gas Safety Checks
  • Ensuring the tenant meets the Government’s right to rent criteria.

What will I receive when I become a leaseholder? 

When you become a leaseholder with us, you should receive both your Welcome Letter and your service charge invoice in the post. If you don't receive these within one month of moving in, please contact us.

How long is my lease?

If you are a leaseholder, you will have the lease of a flat or maisonette for a set term – usually 125 years – and Eastlight will be the freeholder of the building.

What does the lease include?

Your lease agreement details your responsibilities and ours.

It is likely you will be responsible for repairs inside your home and we will be responsible for maintaining external, shared and communal areas.

How do I extend my lease?

Please contact us if you would like to extend your lease, which is for an additional 90 years. You can visit for a cost estimate. Additional fees include:

  1. Valuation fee - £390 including VAT
  2. Eastlight’s legal costs - £912 including VAT
  3. Admin fee - £120 including VAT
  4. If there is a mortgage on the flat, the lender may charge a fee for approving/agreeing the extension.

Buildings Insurance for Shared Owners, Commercial Shops and Leaseholders

Although Eastlight arranges the insurance on behalf of our customers and their lenders, pays for the policy initially and collects the costs from our customers, Eastlight customers should contact the Insurance company directly to make a claim or an enquiry about the cover and type of support available as soon as possible. Any excess contribution or uninsured losses are the responsibility of the customer.

Details of the policy cover, including the contact details for reporting claims, are enclosed here.

The cover purchased is intended to provide comprehensive cover with low contributions and high claims assistance available to our customers.

Eastlight monitors the claims performance of our insurers and would like to be informed of any complaints or disputes that customers have about the service. We would also like to be informed of any challenges to any decisions made by our Insurance Company.

If this applies to you, or if you wish to report positive or negative experiences with the service, please let us know by emailing the Insurance Manager at