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Eastlight residents know better than anyone what they need to be safe and happy in their homes and communities. We provide a range of opportunities for residents to shape Eastlight and our communities for the better.

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Active Residents' Network

The network is a group of Eastlight residents who are committed to introducing positive change within their community.

We recognise that you understand your homes and communities better than anyone.

The Active Resident Network has been created because we want to work with anyone willing to share their expertise and passion to improve your homes, services and communities.

Network members receive regular newsletters unveiling the latest opportunities, including:

  • Taking part in opportunities, in person and online, to work with Eastlight staff to shape the services you are passionate about
  • Making a difference in your community through our volunteer All In Community Alliances or Eastlight Residents Groups
  • Learning about Eastlight and the housing sector through our Resident Academy
  • Applying for paid roles, like our resident-led Customer Influence Committee.

To join, fill in the short form below.

Resident Academy

The Resident Academy was created to give residents the knowledge to empower them to get involved with governance structures like the Customer Influence Committee and the Board.

We run events including our Resident Academy boot camp to provide training on a variety of topics to help you learn the skills they need to be involved, whether with Eastlight or within their wider community.

If in-person events aren't for you, then our online Resident Academy offers a variety of fascinating virtual courses to complete in your own time.

Join the Resident Academy here

All In Community Alliances

Our Alliances in Braintree, Colchester, Halstead and Witham are for anyone who wants to make a difference in their community, but perhaps isn't sure where to start.

At quarterly meet-ups, local people and organisations and come together, share ideas and experiences, and agree actions to make your community an even better place to live.

For regular updates on meetings, follow our All In Facebook page here or fill in the form below.

Eastlight Residents Group

Our Eastlight Residents Groups are made up of volunteers with the power and funding to introduce real improvements to the communities they call home. 

We are looking to expand the number of groups we have.

They meet monthly and they have the opportunity to identify improvements needed in their local area.

Virtual Voices

Virtual Voices are individual residents who respond to emails from Eastlight staff, asking them to give their views and opinions which are then used to shape and improve our services.

  It is a quick and easy and convenient way of giving your views and opinions on specific subjects relating to your homes and housing service.

Community Voices

We have Community Voices in many of our neighbourhoods, who each help to pass your views about your homes and housing service onto Eastlight. 

You are a communication bridge to pass on information and express residents’ interests, needs and concerns.

Task and Finish Groups

Joining a Task and Finish Group gives you the opportunity to work on a specific project relating to your homes and housing service for a short period of time, whilst learning new skills and increasing your employability. 

Customer Influence Committee

Our renumerated Customer Influence Committee oversees and supports the Board so that the Eastlight residents influence decision-making.

By using insight and data and reflecting a wide variety of resident views, the Committee directly connects customer voice to the top of our organisation and across the wider sector.

The Committee is made up of between six and ten customers appointed by the Board.

You can meet them here.

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