All In unites local people to tackle the big social issues that matter to our communities.

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All In is your opportunity to roll up your sleeves and make a difference in your community.

As the UK’s biggest community-led housing organisation, putting power firmly in the hands of local people in our communities is at the heart of our ethos.

All In was established by Eastlight to build on the community spirit so many experienced during the pandemic and create a lasting change in the way local people come together to tackle their shared issues.

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Community teams - launching May 2022

All In will pay teams of local people to work full-time for at least six months to develop solutions to the social issues their communities care about.

You will receive intensive training, coaching, and support to gather insight, build and test new ideas, and win support from the wider community. Applications have closed for 2022.

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Join the Alliance - coming Summer 2022

Join your local All In Alliance and come along to a public meeting taking place near you in 2022. You’ll meet people like you, decide on the issues you and your community care about and then tackle them.

To receive invites to these public meetings, please fill in this form for more information.

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All In Academy – coming 2022

Our academy will provide tools and training, online and in person, for anyone who wants change in their community but doesn’t know where to start.

You’ll get online and offline training on building meaningful relationships, developing great community ideas and play an active role with organisations like your local council, your child’s school or Eastlight Community Homes.

Join All In

All In is owned by the community and people like you will choose which issues to focus on, create new solutions, and decide which ideas should become a reality.

In 2022, Eastlight will host meetings in your community where we will unite as many people as possible to get to know their neighbours better. From there, we will form lasting networks that can create change for the better in the places in which we live.

Join All In to keep up-to-date on our exciting plans for the future!

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