Feedback & Complaints

Eastlight Community Homes is committed to excellent customer service. We want to hear what you think. This helps us improve our services to meet your needs. For general enquiries, please visit our Contact Us page.

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How do I raise an issue or concern about my service?

If you are unhappy with the service you have received then please let us know via the form below, or by contacting us in a way which suits  you. For general enquiries, please visit our Contact Us page.

Any concerns can also be made confidentially or anonymously.

We want to put things right as soon as possible.

Please help us by giving us feedback as soon as you can.

This helps us set the wheels in motion and solve issues before they become a bigger problem or affect more people.

What happens if I make a complaint?

We will acknowledge your complaint via email within one working day after it is registered.

A member of our team will be in contact with you no later than three working days after the complaint is received to provide detail of the complaint reference number, progress updates, and to make any necessary enquiries that will help the resolution process.

We will investigate a complaint and provide a full written response within ten working days of it being registered.

If we are unable to do so, a revised timescale and dates for progress updates will be agreed with you.


What if I am unhappy with Eastlight's response?

If you don’t feel your issue has been resolved, you will be given details to contact our Resolutions Team. They will work with you to agree next steps.

This could include referral to a senior manager at Eastlight in a different department who has not previously been involved in the complaint or directly responsible for the service provided to ensure impartiality.

If you remain unhappy with the outcome of the review, in line with the Housing Ombudsman code you will be given details of how to refer your complaint to a designated person or to the Housing Ombudsman.

The Housing Ombudsman is set up by law to look at complaints about registered housing providers. The service is free, independent and impartial.

Can I claim compensation?

We know that sometimes a service issue could put you out of pocket for a short period of time.

If you feel you have had to pay for something which Eastlight or our contractors are responsible for, please contact us with the details and costs incurred.

If compensation is sought for items within your home, you must make a claim with  your contents insurance provider before you contact us.

If we have contributed to your loss, we will consider reimbursing any excess that may apply to your insurance policy.

To raise a request for compensation fill in the form below or contact us in the way which suits you best.

We aim to reply to your compensation request within ten working days.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you have the right to make a complaint, which will be handled in accordance with our Complaint and Resolutions Policy.

Can I provide compliments or suggestions for improvements?

We appreciate your positive feedback or suggestions for improvement. 

It helps us to understand what’s important to you, what we should do more of, or could do better.

Please contact us or use the form below.