We are Eastlight

Together with our residents and communities, we create affordable homes and great neighbourhoods that people feel proud to live in.

Eastlight's Customer Services Team at their desks answering calls
  • Eastlight's Development Team with contractor Stonebond at Mount Hill (Halstead, Essex)

    What we do

    Eastlight Community Homes Limited is a vibrant, resident-led housing association for the East of England.

    We own and look after 12,500 homes, across a healthy mix of social rent, affordable rent and shared ownership, and we have plans to build many more to help tackle the demand for truly affordable housing.

    We care about the health and wellbeing of our residents by ensuring they have access to high-quality, safe homes and neighbourhoods.

    People who live in our homes pay rents and charges that are less than the market rate. We reinvest every £1 and use our strong finances to fund new housing projects, invest in our existing homes, improve services and solve the significant challenges evident in our communities.

  • Eastlight resident Michaela Thomas and her two children (boy and girl), playing with a toy car in their garden

    How we do it

    Our trailblazing approach means we work side-by-side with residents. We listen to what matters to them and use their views to improve our services.

    We are passionate about local people having the power to drive change. Our trailblazing empowerment programme All In and Resident Academy enable the skills and confidence residents need to drive improvements and solve the biggest issues that matter to them.

    By embracing regional and national partnerships, we can benefit our communities and create solutions to shared strategic challenges.

Our Vision

  • Eastlight's Corporate Strategy 2024-27

    Corporate Strategy

    Our Corporate Strategy 2024-2027 outlines how we plan to move forward and further develop our services to meet the growing needs of our customers.

    It shares how we will invest in the places our customers lives, build the data to support long-term performance and achieve our Net Zero and sustainability goals.

    We look forward to achieving our three-year corporate objectives and to be the trailblazing organisation those who live in our homes and communities want and need, both now and in future.

Our Values

We set high standards and take on new opportunities with focus, determination and enthusiasm.

The word Ambitious written on a circular blue background

We value and encourage different perspectives and honest, respectful interactions.

A great team is a diverse team: one where people bring a range of perspectives and strengths that we recognise and use.

The word Inclusive written on a circular green background

Residents have a genuine stake in Eastlight and we embrace their ideas to help us deliver excellent services.

We are accountable for ourselves, our work (and that of our teams) and, most importantly, for the quality of service we provide to our customers.

The word Accountable written on a circular orange background

Our Principles

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We are resident-led

Our customers have input at all levels of our organisation. They are treated with fairness and respect, and their views are listened to and actively shape our services.

Eastlight resident Michaela Thomas and her two children (boy and girl), playing with a toy car in their garden

We focus on our core purpose

We are a regulatory compliant organisation that ensures our residents live in high-quality, safe, decent and well-maintained homes and neighbourhoods.

Eastlight estates clean up in Saw Mill, Colchester. A van with signage reads: Join the conversation in your community. Eastlight staff and residents join on the estate for a local clean up.

We are place-based

We play our part in creating neighbourhoods and communities where people feel proud to live.

Eastlight new home with solar panels

We are sustainable

We care about our environment and we operate in an increasingly sustainable way, reducing the environmental impact of building, maintaining and living in our homes.

Eastlight staff and community partners celebrate Eastlight House's Community Common Room's 1st birthday.

We develop partnerships

We understand that we can achieve better outcomes for our customers by working with other organisations that share our strategic priorities.

Eastlight staff member on two different desktops and laptops

We lean on sound data and technology

By embracing data and digital transformation, we can become a more efficient organisation and provide the best services that suit our customers' needs.

A man is wearing a Eastlight branded fleece and he is sat next to a woman in a red jacket. They are both looking at the laptop that the man is holding.

We are financially resilient

We are financially strong, which means our customers, teams and partners are confident on our ongoing ability to meet our commitments and deliver on our strategy.