Meet your Rangers

Estate Ranger, Marc Alliston, has been out and about on our estates for over a decade ensuring they’re clean, safe and tidy for our communities. We caught Marc on a quick tea break to ask him about his role.

Estate Ranger, Marc Alliston, carrying rubbish.
  • Estate Ranger, Marc Alliston, is putting unwanted items and cardboard into the back of his van. The point of view is from inside the van and he is smiling.

    Hi Mark, what are your day-to-day responsibilities?

    Well, the rangers have a variety of skills. We clear fly tips and help with community events, and we also carry out our supported garden maintenance service, which helps those who are unable to look after their own gardens.

    Plus, we look after local parks and play areas, change the locks and springs on garages, and even help to reprogramme your central heating, if needed. There's lots of ways we can support residents in their homes.

  • Estate Ranger, Marc Alliston, is joined by other members of the Estate team who are putting unwanted items into a large skip.

    What’s your favourite part of being an Estate Ranger?

    I love working on the gardens, and I really like being able to see that you’ve made a real difference.

  • Estate Ranger, Marc, is sitting in the drivers seat of an Eastlight van. He is talking to a man who is standing outside the van.

    Have you got a low-cost gardening tip for residents this summer?

    Create a compost heap in your own garden. It’s completely free to do, or very low-cost if you haven’t got the necessary materials lying around, and you can spread the compost over your flower beds to help boost growth.

    Some residents on the Woodlands Estate in Braintree have created a fantastic allotment, so it’s always great to find out what they’ve been growing in their garden.

  • Estate Ranger, Marc, is carrying cardboard out of a bin store. He is going to put the cardboard into a van that is in front of him.

    And finally, what should residents do if they spot a fly-tip on Eastlight land?

    We’re currently clearing more than 40 fly tips a week of varying sizes after residents have reported them. Please contact our Customer Service Team if you spot a fly tip.

    Our rangers will then be notified and someone from the team can attend to clear it up as soon as possible. Wherever we can, we’ll identify those responsible and share that information with our Estate Safety Officers.

  • Favourite sports team:

    Formula 1's Oracle Red Bull Racing

  • Favourite film:

    Top Gun

  • First record bought:

    Sheer Heart Attack by Queen