Your local repairs service

Shorter waits for your repairs are coming following the launch of new “local patches” for our repairs teams. Each member of our repairs teams now work in one of four new patches, created following workshops with Eastlight staff and residents

An Eastlight tradesman is using a screwdriver to fix a door.
  • Three Eastlight staff posing with a stack of wooden building materials

    Our new service should mean:

    • Shorter waits for your repairs, as our teams spend less time travelling
    • More familiar faces, who have a better understanding of your homes and neighbourhoods
    • If you need further repairs, it’s more likely that the same team member will be able to make a return visit.
  • The East of England with coloured dots representing where eat of the repairs patches are.

    The name game

    Last year, we launched a competition inviting you to help us name the new patches.

    Members of our resident-led Customer Influence Committee assessed the entries and chose Rebecca as the winner.

    Rebecca said: “I chose tree names because there is lots of beautiful woodland and green areas that holds our communities together. And the first names correspond with the names of the patches, to make it easier to remember. Thank you so much for my hamper!”

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