Shaping Eastlight for the future

Our new Corporate Strategy sets out how we plan to develop your homes, services and neighbourhoods over the next three years.

Three circle images, two of which include Eastlight homes and one includes a resident who is putting a bin bag into a skip.
Our Corporate Strategy is built around what matters most to you: high quality, safe, decent, and well-maintained homes and neighbourhoods.
Here is a brief summary of some of the principles that will guide us in the coming years.
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    Shape your services

    As an Eastlight resident, you can get involved and tell us what we get right – and what we have to change.

    We will listen to you, treat you fairly and continue to develop opportunities so you can have an input across Eastlight.

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    A happy home

    Eastlight exists to provide you with safe and well-maintained homes in neighbourhoods that you are proud to call home.

    Getting this right for you is going to be our #1 focus over the next three years and beyond.

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    Improving neighbourhoods

    We have a responsibility to ensure your neighbourhoods are places you feel proud to call home.

    We are going to increase our investment in this area, including a programme where we’ll work with you to refurbish and update your communal areas.

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    Cutting heating bills

    We care about our environment, and we’re committed to reducing the impact of the work we do.

    We also recognise the impact higher heating bills are having, and we’re exploring ways to make your homes warmer and cheaper to run.

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    Online services

    Many residents tell us they want to be able to access more Eastlight services and information about their tenancies online.

    This won’t happen overnight, but we are working to provide services that better suit your needs.

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    Behind the scenes

    We can only provide you with the homes and services you want and need if we continue to be a well-run and well-led organisation.

    Eastlight staff will work with the right partners and spend every £1 like it’s our own.

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