Introducing All In

Introducing All In, an exciting new community programme that unites local people to tackle the big social issues that matter to you.

Eastlight – the country’s largest Community Gateway Association – recognises that local people understand our communities better than anyone. We will provide the support so that together, we make a genuine difference in the places we call home.

All In begins with conversations – connecting and understanding each other to agree the issues we will tackle by learning, solving and changing together.

Next year, together we will:

Learn Together, through a new academy for anyone who wants to introduce change in their community, but don't know where to start

Solve Together, by recruiting paid teams of local people to work full-time to come up with solutions to the big issues our communities care about

Change Together, through nurturing and investing in the best solutions, so they can improve lives in our communities.

All In will be built with you from the ground up, beginning with a big conversation to decide what changes we want to focus on. To join that conversation, please:

Join All In

Join All In to support your community in a way that suits you. You’ll hear about opportunities to get involved, get invitations to join fun community events, and be invited to share your thoughts on what matters to you. To join, email us.

Build All In

We are looking for people who love their community to build All In from the ground up. We are recruiting two focus groups which will design All In’s academy and full-time teams during sessions in November and December. To find out more, email us.

Shape All In

Please complete a short, but important survey asking what matters to you and what changes you’d like to introduce. Please complete it by clicking here.

We hope you’re excited about the opportunity to go All In and make a difference in our communities. Together, we can introduce the change we are looking for.

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