Commitment to 3,800 new homes strengthened

Eastlight has strengthened its commitment to building more affordable homes by welcoming a regional development partner into our business. Iceni Homes has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eastlight Community Homes. The transfer supports Eastlight’s ambitions to build 3,800 affordable homes in the East of England over the next five years for local people who need them.

The transfer of Iceni into Eastlight was completed on August 1, 2021.

Alan Lewin, Chair of Iceni Homes, said: “This decision will give Iceni a strong platform on which to grow and provide an enhanced range of development services to our current and future partners.”

Bury St Edmunds-based Iceni formed in 2004, to provide a unique partnership which enabled smaller housing associations to deliver affordable homes. Iceni also worked closely with a range of other housing stakeholders and was a development partner with Homes England.

Over the years Iceni has delivered 4,000 homes and contributed £2.5m in gift aid for reinvestment. In the last year alone, Iceni-led schemes enabled 200 homes to be approved for development. On top of this work for its shareholders, it has also delivered hundreds of homes with other partners.

Iceni’s managing director, Philip Murton, who played a key role in the organisation’s success, has decided to leave after supporting the successful transition into Eastlight.