Our guide to noise nuisance

Noise nuisances can be irritating. However, noises that are one-off or are considered normal 'living noises', are not seen to be anti-social behaviour.

If you're experiencing a noise nuisance, then we'll need to assess whether the noise you report is ASB. To do this, we'll need to consider: what is causing the noise, its frequency, the time of day it happens and the intensity of the noise.

The Noise App can be can be an important tool when managing reports of noise nuisance. Unlike diary sheets, it allows you to evidence the four factors mentioned above and submit it directly to us. We can then review the recording and use it to collect evidence to build a case. We'll share all the data clips with the Environment Services Team at your local authority in order to obtain a second opinion.

Click here to download The Noise App.

Noise in relation to dogs will only be considered ASB if the noise is persistent. You may wish to speak to your neighbour first, as they may not be aware of the nuisance being caused. If you're still being disturbed, please contact your local Environmental Health Officer. 

Watch the video below for more guidance on noise nuisances.

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