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Get involved

Eastlight Community Homes will be a trailblazing organisation where our residents are empowered to have a real say and influence, both on services and our future direction.

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What does this mean for Eastlight residents? 

Residents of Eastlight can vote on key proposed changes

Eastlight is a Community Gateway Association, meaning residents can become shareholders and vote at Annual General Meetings. Resident involvement is at our core and your views shape how we do things.  

It’s so easy to become a shareholder! 

Please find out more. Fill in a short form by visiting:
Become an Eastlight member

You decide how much you want to get involved

Residents are empowered to have their say to influence key areas such as strategy, policy and service.

There will be plenty of opportunities, so if you have an interest in a particular area we’ll be there to support you to get your views heard. 

We’re here to empower

We provide resources for our residents and work with others to help improve life chances through employment, education, health, care and support.

Residents can shape how we invest in our communities and provide grants to local groups and organisations.

You will be part of a co-operative partnership

We work in a collaborative way with residents, staff, board members, service providers, other local stakeholders and the voluntary sector.

A group of people together

We also have:

  • New ways of getting involved online, especially if you are short of time
  • A Customer Influence Committee 
  • Exciting plans to help residents improve our communities
  • Live customer feedback on services through text messages and emails.


If this sounds like something you’d be interested in or you think something is missing from the list, do get in contact.

Get involved

If you’re not currently involved and you’d like to find out more, please visit our website and fill in a short form to express your interest. You can do this by visiting:

“Our vision is to create a trailblazing organisation with empowered residents who have a real say and influence on both their services and our strategic direction.”

Emma Palmer, Chief Executive of Eastlight Community Homes