Eastlight improving aftercare services for residents after adopting cutting-edge software

New build homes built at The Spinney in Witham

Eastlight is proud to announce our partnership with Clixifix, a company renowned for helping housing providers streamline their aftercare services.

Always looking to adapt and improve our services for our residents and communities, Clixifix’s eponymously named software will help our Aftercare Team, which looks after our newly built homes, work more efficiently, to the benefit of our residents.

In place of email, spreadsheets and PDFs, the new Clixifix software offers our staff a a more simplistic, modern, and optimal way of working to support residents. Data is now also more easily shared with other Eastlight teams – such as our Customer Services Team (CST) – helping us to improve the quality of our responses to any issues raised by our residents or developers.

The software is helping Eastlight’s Aftercare Team to serve our residents in a more timely and efficient manner, as well as helping build closer ties and harmony between our teams.

According to our Development and Aftercare Manager, Charlotte Hayden, the old system made “the monitoring of defects time & resource heavy, and not as effective as it could be with the right tool.”

But the change comes at a good time for the Aftercare Team, who are anticipating seeing our development programme expand.  For example, the team took over 52 homes in 2016, and expect that number to increase to 400, this year alone.

Now with Clixifix installed, Charlotte added: “To ensure the Aftercare Team continues to be an advocate for our customers, support a positive customer experience and improve our efficiency, we identified we needed to change the way we work.

“Clixifix improves our aftercare service as it has a wide variety of functionality, allowing us to provide more information to the developer about issues. The communication between Eastlight and the developer is visible for our people, and we can manage their performance for timeliness and quality.

“Having a central location to hold this information, which the Aftercare team, the developer and CST can all access, will improve the difficulties we have all had. As a result of the cross-team working, the Aftercare Team has observed a lot of positive use of Clixifix from the CST and, positive feedback about the ease and benefits of the system.”

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