Eastlight launches five-year sustainability strategy

A detailed and far-reaching five-year plan setting out how Eastlight plans to protect the environment, its customers and the wider community has been published.

The Sustainability Strategy 2022-2027 explains how the Essex-based Housing Association will work towards legislative requirements regarding carbon and global warming.

But it goes much further, committing to act on concerns from residents about the destruction of local flora and fauna, drought and flooding, waste and pollution.

Dan Jones, Executive Director (Development & Asset Management) said the strategy will underpin every aspect of Eastlight’s operation for the benefit of today’s, and future, generations.

He said: “Although it is a five-year strategy, it represents the start of a long journey that embeds the imperative to be sustainable for decades to come.

“For example, all our homes must be Net Carbon Zero by the year 2050, and the actions we must take to achieve that goal are already underway.

“Our ambition and aims are clearly set out in this strategy, and they will evolve as technology, the infrastructure and the challenge itself changes.”

The strategy has two key objectives:

  • To reduce the environmental impact of building, maintaining and living in Eastlight homes
  • To meet legislative requirements in the most effective, least-disruptive and rapid way

Eastlight will achieve these aims by:

  • Building homes which are kind to the environment
  • Investing in homes to minimise environmental impact
  • Changing how Eastlight operates
  • Supporting customers

The strategy, entitled “Inspiring our communities to shine”, contains a wealth of detail about the various components of sustainability, including energy and carbon emissions, water efficiency, biodiversity and the natural environment, and waste reduction and recycling, and specific aims and targets to be achieved in the coming five years.

It also sets out the various ways in which Eastlight intends to counter the potential risks and obstacles which threaten its successful delivery.

To read the Sustainability Strategy 2022-2027, click here.


The Sustainability Strategy is closely linked to Eastlight’s recently published Design Guide, which sets out how Eastlight will build thousands of new affordable homes across the East of England over the next 10-years. 

The guide will ensure Eastlight’s new homes are sustainable, protecting the environment and promoting energy efficiency for our customers. To read the Design Guide, click here.