Tenancy Assignments

Sometimes, a tenancy can passed from a tenant to another qualifying person. If you would like to request permission to assign your tenancy, please read the information below, then complete the application.

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    What is it?

    Sometimes it’s possible for a tenancy to be passed on to another qualifying person. This is known as ‘assignment’. This is explained in your tenancy agreement; it is normally only possible in very limited circumstances, and only after we have given our permission.

    An assignment of the tenancy transfers the tenancy, or ‘signs over’, all the rights and responsibilities of the tenancy, moving from the original tenant to a new tenant (called the ‘assignee’).

    If your request is due to the death of the current tenant, this is not an assignment but a succession. You can read more about successions and how to end a tenancy due to a death here.

    Your right to assign your tenancy depends upon the type of tenancy you have and our permission. You do not have the right to assign the tenancy if you have a starter tenancy or a demoted tenancy.

Want to assign your tenancy?

If you would like to formally request Eastlight’s permission to assign your tenancy, please complete the application form below.

You will be contacted by your Tenancy Co-ordinator within ten working days of completion, who will then make a final decision.

Tenancy Assignment Form

Please only fill in this form once you have agreed in principle to assign your tenancy with someone who would qualify to do so, in line with your tenancy agreement conditions. We will only proceed to check your eligibility once you have ticked the declaration.

Their name, sex and date of birth (required):
If so, when have they been booked for?
If so, what?


Please be aware that, by assigning your tenancy, you will lose all interest in the tenancy and will hold no legal right to decisions around the tenancy. Eastlight encourages you to seek independent legal advice prior to completing this form so that you understand the full consequences for your personal situation. When you come to complete your assignment, all parties will require a witness to sign a legal document (called Deed of Assignment) to allow the assignment to go ahead. The witness needs to have access to an email address and should not be related to you or any other party involved. Please think about who this person will be, while also being aware that the person would need to have qualifying rights to succeed your tenancy in lieu of a death. In addition, please note that we will only proceed to check your eligibility once you have ticked the declaration below. Please note that you are not permitted to assign the tenancy, except in furtherance of Eastlight Community Homes’ written consent when assigning the tenancy, to someone that would have been qualified to succeed the tenancy had you died.