Insurance for your home

Eastlight arranges Building Insurance covering the structure of your home. We recommend you purchase Contents Insurance to protect the belongings that matter to you.

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    Contents Insurance

    Eastlight arranges Buildings Insurance which covers damage or destruction to the structure of your home. However, we do not provide Contents Insurance as part of your tenancy or lease agreement. 

    Contents Insurance covers the cost of your possessions if the worst happens and your home is damaged by a storm, a fire or another serious incident. 

    Policies vary, but they typically cover things like white goods like fridges and washing machines, electronic devices including TVs, carpets, curtains, clothing and food. 

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    Arranging insurance

    You can purchase Contents Insurance for as little as a few pounds a month. 

    We are exploring options to provide an affordable scheme designed specifically for residents' needs. In the meantime, we recommend using a comparison website to find the right quote for you. You can try: 

    If you don’t have contents insurance and you have experienced an incident that has left you facing financial hardship, then contact our Tenancy Sustainment Team. However, they will not be able to replace all items lost so we always recommend buying contents insurance if possible. 

Buildings insurance

For tenants, shared owners and leaseholders.

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    Buildings Insurance for Tenants

    Eastlight arranges Buildings Insurance for your home. This covers damage or destruction caused by events such as fires, storms and flooding, with some exceptions. 

    This insurance covers the structure of your home, including the building itself, fixtures, fittings and other permanent items, such as kitchen units. 

    If you are an Eastlight tenant whose home suffers damage, please contact us to arrange a repair. Eastlight will arrange any claims on its Buildings Insurance. 

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    Buildings Insurance for Shared Owners & Leaseholders

    If you are a shared owner or leaseholder who needs to make a claim on Eastlight’s Buildings Insurance, please contact QuestGates, which handles claims on behalf of our insurance provider, Protector. 

    Call: 0161 823 4810 (or 0121 411 0535 out of hours) 

    If you require any support from Eastlight, please email