Customer Influence Committee (CIC)

What is the Customer Influence Committee (CIC)?

This is a new Customer Influence Committee (formed May 2021) and part of our governance structure, accountable to our Board. The Committee’s role is to oversee and support the Board so that customers influence decision-making.

This will include the use of insight and data ensuring a wide variety of views from a wide variety of customers are considered as part of the decision-making process.

The Committee oversees and monitors the Community Empowerment Strategy, the Asset Management Strategy, the Service Delivery Strategy and other key policies that impact on the customer.

The Committee will be made up of between six and 10 customers appointed by the Board. The Committee may include Board and Independent members for a total of 12 members. Customers will always be in the majority.

Adeoye Ahmed and his family

Hear more from involved residents

Below are comments and a short video from involved residents.

"I developed my skills and help solve issues within our neighbourhood."
Father of three Adeoye Ahmed, a data analyst, who lives in Colchester.

"My opinions are listened to. I pass on my knowledge and understanding to other residents, so their views are heard too."
Marlene Carter, retired PA, who lives in Tiptree.

"I have been really encouraged to see how the customer voice can shape a whole organisation.
I hope you will be too."

Mum of two Michelle Baker, an accountant, who lives in Braintree.