Health and Safety

As your landlord, we are responsible for meeting Health and Safety standards in your home. This leaflet outlines yours and Eastlight's responsibilities, as well as helpful tips on staying safe.

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    Safety Checks

    As your landlord, Eastlight is responsible for carrying out certain safety checks in your home.

    Gas safety checks are carried out every year and an Electrical Safety Installation Condition Report is completed every five years in all homes.

    Fire safety checks are also undertaken in Eastlight flats.

    We also have an Asbestos Register.

    More details about the checks, and how you can stay safe, can be found below.


Eastlight will contact you each year for a Gas Safety Check and make an appointment to attend your home at your convenience.

We will make sure your gas appliances, carcassing and pipework are well-maintained using Gas Safety Registered engineers.

It is up to you to keep those appointments and use registered engineers to install and service your own appliances.

If you suspect a gas leak, turn off the supply immediately, ventilate the room, switch of all appliances and call the national gas emergency number - 0800 111 999.

More information on staying gas safe can be found here.


In the event of a fire - leave your home immediately and do not stop to investigate it or to gather valuables.

Crawl on the floor if there is smoke and only open doors you need to escape.

Call 999 as soon as you can.

We carry out Fire Risk Assessments every five years in our General Needs flat blocks and annually in our Housing for Older People Schemes.

If you live in a flat, you can find your Fire Action Notice in the communal area which will tell you what to do in an emergency.

There are a number of simple precautions you can take to reduce the chance of a fire in your home.


Eastlight will ensure your home has a valid Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR).

The check is carried out by a qualified electrician every five years.

We will also check electrical supplies in any communal areas and arrange regular inspections of electrical equipment installed in them.

Please allow our contractors to carry out this check when an appointment is booked.

You can find more electrical safety tips here.


Asbestos is a mineral fibre used in building materials and products used from 1950 to 2000. They have now been banned and if your home was built after 2000 it is highly unlikely to contain absestos.

It is safe if it is undamaged, but can become dangerous if the fibres are disturbed through age or DIY activity and can then be harmful when breathed in.

Eastlight hold an asbestos register so we are aware where asbestos is present.

It is important to obtain permission from us before doing any work on your property and that an asbestos survey takes placed before any kind of major refurbishment.

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    Contents Insurance

    It is important you take out contents insurance to protect your possessions in case there is an unforeseen issue in your home which results in your goods being broken, damaged or stolen.

    Thistle Tenant Risks are recommended by the National Housing Federation as their preferred supplier for contents insurance for social housing residents - but you can use other providers if you prefer.

    More information can be found here.