Home MOT

Our Home MOT service is a way of making sure everything in your home is working well and limits the amount of times we have to visit.

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What is a Home MOT?

Just like a car MOT is a health check for your car, a home MOT is a health check for your home to make sure everything is in good shape.

Experts from our Home Solutions Team will carry out your Home MOT – usually in teams of two.

What happens during a Home MOT?

While in your home, our team will go through an online worksheet assessing the condition of your home.

They will check for things like:

  • Signs of damp and mould
  • Indicators of asbestos or other risk factors
  • Whether there is a safe escape route in the event of a fire
  • The condition of front and rear doors
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms – and the dates they were installed
  • Toilet cisterns
  • The condition of the flooring
  • Bathroom sealant
  • Cracks and damage to tiles which if left untreated could cause more serious issues

Our expert operatives will fix any issues they can there and then, however if a return visit is required they will arrange a suitable date before they leave.

The team can also remind you of useful information about your home such as where your stopcock is located and how to use electric breakers on a fuse board and pass on skills such as how to tighten door handles if you need it.

Why do Eastlight do Home MOTs?

Ultimately, it is to make sure your home is safe and secure.

It is also a good way to reduce the number of repairs we need to make and replace things before they go wrong.

Home MOTs also make things more convenient for you by reducing the amount of different appointments we need to make and you need to be at home for!

When will my Home MOT take place?

We will contact you when your Home MOT is due.

They are also carried out as part of the Mutual Exchange process, if you want to swap your home with another resident.

We may also do an MOT where we are concerned about the overall condition of your home, or if you have made a high or low number of requests for the use of our repairs service.

How should I prepare for a Home MOT?

Ahead of your Home MOT, please consider the following to ensure the appointment is completed as quickly and easily as possible:

  • If you know where key service points are located – like meters and stop valves – please ensure access to them is clear
  • Where possible, please try to keep pets out of the way whilst the team are doing your MOT
  • Please be aware that our Home Solutions Team may need to take photographs of aspects of your home
  • As outlined in your appointment confirmation, the MOT is likely to take two hours to complete so please ensure this time is set aside
  • Should you have a list of repairs, please have these available to our team on arrival.
  • It is possible that two Eastlight vehicles may need to attend your home for an MOT. If you can offer assistance with parking, that would be appreciated.
Marlene Website

I was offered my MOT after having an issue with my backdoor. It made me feel so secure to know they were looking at the whole house.

- Marlene Carter - Eastlight resident