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    Universal Credit

    Universal Credit has replaced may of the former welfare benefits for people of working age who are on a low income or are out of work.

    It is a single benefit which is paid monthly.

    Even if the money is to be used for your rent, it will not be paid directly to Eastlight and you will still have to arrange for that to be done.

    If you are an Eastlight resident and making a new claim for Universal Credit, then please get in touch with us.

How do I apply?

Before you make an application you should:

  • Verify who you are by following the guidance at www.gov.uk/verify
  • Have an email address
  • Have set up a bank or building society account where Universal Credit payments can be made

You will also need information about:

  • Your housing, for example how much rent you pay
  • Details of your income, for example payslips
  • Details of savings and any investments, like shares or a property that you rent out
  • Details of how much you pay for childcare if you’re applying for help with childcare costs

Claims are made online at www.gov.uk/universal-credit and it can be up to five weeks before any money is received, so you may temporarily go into arrears with your rent payments.

How much will I receive?

Payment is made up of a standard allowance and any extra amounts that apply to you, for example if you:

  • Have children
  • Have a disability or health condition which prevents you from working
  • Need help paying your rent

You can calculate how much you will receive at https://www.gov.uk/benefits-calculators

How can Eastlight help?

We understand that circumstances can change and this may affect your financial situation. 

We aim to do all we can to help you through this. 

Please call 0330 128 0330.