• Eastlight resident

    Money Advice

    If you are having financial problems then please do not panic.

    Details about how we can support you can be found below.

    Please contact us and we will assess how we are able to help.

Our dedicated team can offer financial advice on a range of issues including:

  • We can help you ensure you make the most of your money by setting up budget plans measuring your income and outgoings
  • We can also help you apply for any benefits you may be entitled to 
  • We can help with your job searches, including guidance on completing applications and making sure your CV is up to date 
  • We can also make referrals to employment schemes and volunteer services
  • If you are struggling with debt, then please consider contacting Step Change - a debt advice charity
  • They can provide free, confidential and expert debt advice and money guidance
Hardship Fund
  • We have Hardship Fund grants available for one-off items such as white goods, carpets or expenses for a job interview such as travel costs or smart clothes
  • Grants are awarded in extreme circumstances as goods or vouchers
  • Please speak to your Tenancy Manager to see if you qualify
Energy bills
  • If you are struggling with your Energy Bills then you could consider contacting Warm Homes Essex for help and advice
  • Your energy supplier may have details on their website about ways to save energy
Benefits Advice
  • Eastlight can help you with benefit advice and applications - please Contact Us if you need assistance
  • If you are making an application for Universal Credit, then we need to be aware. Please see our Universal Credit page for more details.
  • You may be entitled to more benefits than you realise. Use the calculator provided by Turn2Us to see if you can access any further support.
Scam Advice

You may be aware of the rise in fraud and scams since the pandemic began.

Criminals are taking advantage of the pandemic to advertise fake services or products that aim to exploit you financially or collect your personal information. They typically target people through emails, letters, phone or text, and succeed because they look and sound legitimate. 

We have received reports that scammers are contacting our residents claiming to be solicitors specialising in disrepair and other cases related to housing. 

Please consider the following if you have been contacted by someone asking for information from you:

  • Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is
  • If you have never met the person contacting you, or are unsure of the business is genuine, take some time to do some research
  • Check the spelling and grammar within emails, texts and letters
  • Check to see if you recognise the name, email address or telephone number of the person contacting you
  • Be alert to anyone asking for money or your bank details, and do not provide them with any information if you have any doubts
  • Be wary of any links and attachments. And never enter your personal information, password or bank details if you do mistakenly click on a link.

If you think someone is trying to defraud or scam you, please contact us immediately if it concerns your home, and report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.