Key information

Eastlight Community Homes Limited is a newly-formed charitable housing association with approximately 12,000 homes in Essex and Suffolk.

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About Eastlight

Eastlight Community Homes does not trade for profit; any surpluses generated by the business activities are reinvested in the development of the business.

We are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority in England and Wales as a Registered Society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 (registration number 30124R) and with the Homes and Communities Agency (registration number L4499).

Registered office:

Eastlight House, Charter Way, Braintree, Essex CM77 8FG

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Information in other formats

We can provide information in large print, Braille or audio format, and translation services may be offered to help you access our services if English is not your first language.

Modern Slavery

Eastlight Community Homes is committed to doing what we can to combat slavery and prevent human trafficking from entering into our business and supply chain. We take a proactive role in our communities, being vigilant and taking action where we suspect slavery, exploitation or human trafficking.

See our Modern Slavery Act statement here:

Domestic abuse - Make a Stand

We've seen all too often the devastation abusers cause and the support social landlords should offer to victims. That's why we have joined hundreds of other UK housing associations by signing up to to the Chartered Institute of Housing's 'Make a Stand' campaign.  For more information on the campaign please click on the following link: Make a Stand.

Hate Crime

Our Braintree office is a Hate Incident Reporting Centre, providing a drop-in service for victims and witnesses.

Ambassadors will provide a confidential area to interview victims and take reports before storing the information securely.

To report a hate crime, please contact us and ask to speak to a Hate Crime ambassador