Equality, diversity & inclusion

Working together with our people, residents, communities and our partners, we are building a culture where difference is celebrated and valued.

A cartoonist draws pictures of an Eastlight resident at an event
  • A man in a wheelchair speaks to a man who is standing next to him about what is on a computer screen

    Influencing change

    We believe society as a whole must engage and create a fairer, more inclusive environment.

    We want to influence change beyond the areas where we have homes. 

    This isn’t a tick box exercise for us. We will challenge racism and discrimination at every opportunity.

    We create an environment that embraces difference and different perspectives.

    With our people, residents and partners we encourage open discussions about disability, religion, age, marriage, civil partnerships, race and sexual orientation. 

  • Two Eastlight colleagues talk in the office

    Just Being You mentoring

    Our Just Being You mentoring programme shows us the barriers faced by a variety of protected groups.

    Each mentor is paired with one of our Directors to help them understand the challenges they face. This helps our people positively influence or challenge ideas and misconceptions.

    These discussions can help shape our future, how we make adjustments and improve.

Our partnerships

Society has a long way to go and we partner with a range of organisations to help Eastlight and others to address inequality.

By being a member of the HDN network, Eastlight learns and collaborates with others who are committed to best practice.

It helps us get most from our people and meet the needs of our communities.

You can read more here.

Eastlight is the national partner working with renowned organisation Purple to help drive equality for disabled people in housing.     

Eastlight is drawing on Purple’s expertise, data and real stories to help improve the disability experience for those working in the housing sector and people living in social housing.  Key activities include:

October Housing Summit, 6 October

Eastlight hosted a virtual summit called -  ‘Improving the experiences of disabled people in the housing sector’.

You can watch the video here.

Purple Tuesday, November 2

As part of our partnership, Eastlight is involved in Purple Tuesday,  a high-profile annual awareness-raising day alongside organisations of all sizes from all sectors. The aim is to improve the customer experience for disabled people 365 days a year.

Emma Palmer, Chief Executive of Eastlight Community Homes, said:

“We’re really committed to unlocking the conversations that need to be had for us and other housing organisations and sharing best practice with others. We hope this partnership will be a catalyst for significant change in culture, attitudes and policy which will level up the inequality between disabled and non-disabled people.’’

Mike Adams, Chief Executive at Purple, said: “We need to change the disability conversation from one about vulnerable people, charity and welfare to one focused on choice, contribution and opportunity on all things disability.  Purple is absolutely delighted to be working with Eastlight as housing is one of those central pillars for transforming permanent change for disabled people.”

Without prejudice or judgement, everyone has the right to a stable home regardless of their sexuality.

We recognise the challenges members of our LGBTQ+ communities and are committed to equal access to our housing and services.

Our people are encouraged to ‘bring their whole selves to work' ensuring everyone’s housing needs are met.

 Did you know:

  • 20% of gay men changed their home (eg. moving pictures or books) to hide their sexual orientation from a visiting repairs operative or housing officer?
  • And 60% of trans people do not feel safe in their neighbourhood.

The HouseProud pledge, is a response to the survey which produced these shocking statistics. The aim is to ensure the home is a place where people can freely express their sexual orientation and/ or gender identity without fear or prejudice.  

The aim to ensure the home is a place where people can freely express their sexual orientation and/ or gender identity without fear or prejudice.

Eastlight will work with involved LGBTQ+ residents and foster positive relationships. We aim to achieve the HouseProud Pledge Pioneer accreditation by:

  • Making sure that LGBTQ+  customers can have a voice at executive / strategic level
  • Increase LGBTQ+ visibility
  • Initiate a programme of staff training to improve LGBTQ+ lives

Championing equality, diversity and inclusion across the East of England and nationally is important to us.

Eastlight is involved with Build East, a partnership of housing associations working together to meet the needs and ambitions of the people and communities in the region.

A Build East Charter, agreed in May 2021, outlines our joint commitments for leaders, employers and landlords. 

Our Chief Executive Emma Palmer is leading on raise awareness regionally and nationally, in line with the National Housing Federation’s Code of Governance.  

What will the charter achieve?

  • Increased knowledge and understanding across the region.
  • More diversity in our workforces, apprenticeships/traineeships and Boards.
  • Empowering people to mentor leaders understand a wide range of lived experience – leading to improvements based on people’s differing needs.

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

At Eastlight we are committed to transparent gender pay gap reporting.

Reporting on our gender pay gap provides an insight into the difference in pay between male and female staff.

Analysing this data provides insight into pay gap areas inside our organisation and helps to shape our equality aims and objectives.

Eastlight Community Homes formed in July 2020, so our first formal set of gender pay gap data is for the year 2020-21.

Read the Report